Japanese Size Perfect Fit Card Sleeves

Perfect fit card sleeves, an important extra layer of protection for your Japanese size TCGs.

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A Guide to Perfect Fit Sleeves and Double Sleeving:

Card protection is important since cards can have sentimental and real financial value. Cards can be damaged over time which negatively impacts their aesthetics and subsequently lowers their value. We use card sleeves to protect our cards, but how can we take card protection to the next level?

Dragon Shield Perfect Fit sleeves are a great way to give your cards extra protection by double-sleeving.

By double-sleeving your cards you protect the top of the card that is usually slightly exposed, this provides extra protection against dust, dirt and liquid spills. Double sleeving is a great way to maximize protection for your more valuable cards. Dragon Shield Japanese Size Perfect Fits are perfect for your Yu-Gi-Oh! or Cardfight!! Vanguard cards.

Dragon Shield has two types of Perfect Fit sleeves for Japanese size cards; Toploading and Sealable.

We also offer Outer Sleeves for those that wish to triple-sleeve!

For a video guide on how to double-sleeve your cards see here:

Toploading Perfect Fit Sleeves:

You can double-sleeve your cards with Toploading Perfect Fit sleeves by inserting the card top first into the perfect fit sleeve, then placing the card with the perfect fit bottom first into a regular sleeve. When double-sleeving with Toploading Perfect Fits it’s a good idea to apply downwards pressure directly onto the perfect fit sleeve so that the perfect fit doesn’t slide up as you push the card down.

Sealable Perfect Fit Sleeves:

Sealable Perfect Fit Sleeves are the best way to protect your valuable cards. Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves provide full four edge protection without using glue.

Simply insert your card top first into the sleeve with the front of the card facing the side of the Sealable Perfect Fit with the flap. Insert the card 2/3 of the way into the sleeve and then slide the flap between the back of the card and the perfect fit sleeve, then place a finger on the flap and push upwards, sliding the card all the way into the perfect fit sleeve. The card is essentially sealed into the perfect fit sleeve and you don’t have to handle the card directly ever again meaning no risks of finger smudges or marks on the card. Double-sleeving with Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves provides the best protection against dust, dirt and liquid spills. After the card has been inserted into the perfect fit you simply slide the card bottom first into a regular sleeve.

Double-sleeving cards with Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves can take a little longer than other perfect fit sleeves but it will provide your cards with the best protection possible.

Outer Sleeves:

Outer sleeves can be used to triple sleeve your cards, providing the ultimate protection to your cards! Although triple-sleeving cards isn’t always tournament legal, it can be nice to triple sleeve cards for casual play.

To triple-sleeve you simply slide the Outer Sleeve over a double-sleeved card.

Outer Sleeves are also great for protecting rare art sleeves that you want to avoid scratching or damaging with play. You can also give lower quality sleeves the great Dragon Shield matte shuffle feel by using Outer Sleeves.


If you have just double-sleeved a deck there will be some air pockets in between the sleeves. When you are finished double sleeving your cards it’s a good idea to place the cards on a flat surface and press down on them with your hand to push the air out. Keep in mind that double-sleeving cards will increase the overall thickness of your deck.

Perfect fit sleeves can also be used to store valuable cards that you aren’t currently playing with, they are a good option for protecting cards in storage.


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