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Constellations of Arcania

Behold! New constellations have appeared in the sky! Empower your deck with the latest Constellations Art Sleeves. Choose the virtue that matches you – or collect the full series of Constellation virtues.

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Constellation 2 Drasmorx Alaria



The constellation Drasmorx swims in the vast dark blue heavens above. She lends her virtues of patience and wisdsom to opponents whose battles have turned to weary stalemate. When called upon, she endows them with renewed energy and their impasse finally culminates.

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Alaria is the zodiac for the caring and just. When relentless aggressors prey upon the good common folk of Arcania, their best option is to call upon Alaria. She rallies to turn the tides and give them a fighting chance.

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Alaria has come to life

Nat (@giraffanat on Instagram and X) has used her talent for metamorphosis to turn into an earth-bound version of Alaria!

Besides incredible cosplays, Nat also creates Magic: The Gathering related content. Take a look at her creations on Instagram and X or listen to her podcast, Flavour Profiles.

Giraffant As Alaria