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Jablucrus, the Mad Titan

Jablucrus’s floating ocean swirled brilliantly above.
“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Sinister said. “Look how it sparkles.” He adjusted his bow tie.
“Yes, sir,” Hiro said. This was the man that had captured Azokuang? This… dandy?
“Am I not what you thought?” Sinister said, eyeing Hiro. “Sir, it is not my place to think one way or another. I follow your command.”
Sinister broke eye contact, almost… disappointed. “Yes, I suppose so.”
Above, the orb of Jablucrus’s ocean crashed upon itself. Inside, the dragon raged. And with it, the Warped Mint Shield.
“Do your duty, then, General.”
“Yes, sir!” Hiro said, unfurling his wings. “ATTACK!”

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