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Design personalized sleeves for your TCG collection. Your deck isn’t ordinary. Your sleeves shouldn't be either.

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    Upload your art

    The forge accepts the following formats: JPEG, JPG and PNG. For best results, use a 5:7 ratio size. Make sure the resolution is at least 300 DPI/PPI.

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    Design your sleeve

    Get creative and customize your sleeves with frames, filters, emojis and more! Preview the final sleeve design as you explore the options. Click order when your masterpiece is complete!

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    Check your mail

    This step is the hardest: practice your patience, fellow forge fan. Your customized sleeves take 7-10 business days to print, ship and arrive.

Steps To Customizing Your Sleeves

Design Your Image

It all starts with an image. Upload a favorite photo, your own design, or choose from one of our existing dragon designs. Add a photo frame to include more images on your personalized design and add colorful filters to match your favorite color.

Mockup Layout

Add Your Text

Want to add a personal text? Customize your MTG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or other TCG sleeves by adding your own text. Choose from our selection of playful graphics, wild fonts and playful colors to create your very own expression. 

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Throw In Emojis

Express yourself in style with the fun emoji feature. Add a touch of personality, humor, or emotion to your design with just a click of a button. It's emoji-tional!

Mockup Emoji

Frame It

Turn your creation into a masterpiece by adding just the right frame. Choose from a variety of styles and give your Dragon Shield customized sleeves the finishing touch they deserve. Your personalized TCG sleeves will be unlike anything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your personalized sleeves are a work of art, we just framed it! Well, that's partially true. We also always utilize frames on all our Brushed Art sleeves. But you never know... the forge dragons are always tinkering with the sleeves to improve them - they may switch it up some day.