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Double and triple sleeving your TCG cards

Embark on legendary adventures with our double and triple sleeving solutions for your favourite TCG. Our tough as scales card sleeves not only shield your cards from scratches, damage and spills but also enhance their durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time.

Imagine your deck fortified by the strength of several dragons, each layer of scales shimmering with ancient magic. When choosing to double or triple sleeve your deck, your cards level up - so get ready to conquer the fiercest of opponents in your favourite TCG realm of MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Flesh and Blood, and more.

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Our guide to Perfect Fit Sleeves, Double Sleeving and Triple Sleeving

In the realms of TCG protection is more than just sleeves. You sleeve your cards to suit your style, your deck and your surroundings. This is where double and triple sleeving comes in! Card protection is important since cards can have sentimental and real financial value. Sometimes you may even want to protect your artwork sleeves - it could be a limited sleeves edition or your own custom made sleeves. Cards can be damaged over time which negatively impacts their aesthetics and subsequently lowers their value.

Why should I double sleeve my TCG cards?

By double-sleeving your cards you protect the top of the card that is usually slightly exposed, when only using one sleeve. This provides extra protection against dust, dirt, and liquid spills. Double sleeving is a great way to maximize protection for your more valuable cards, preparing them for the trials of combat. Regardless of what game you are playing, be it Magic the Gathering, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, some cards will be very valuable. Cards can have sentimental value or even a real $-value. If you're curious to find out, if your collection of cards contain any valuable treasures, you can use our Digital TCG Card Manager app to scan the cards and get information about the cards.

Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Inner Sleeves are a great way to give your cards extra protection by double-sleeving.We have multiple types of Inner Sleeves for standard sized cards; Toploading, Sideloading and Sealable. All of these inner sleeve types have a clear and a smoke version, so you can create a look that suits your deck. Dragon Shield Standard Size Perfect Fit Sleeves are ideal for your Magic the Gathering and Pokémon TCG cards.

How do I double sleeve my deck with toploading inner sleeves?

You can double-sleeve your cards with Toploading Perfect Fit sleeves with these steps:

  1. Insert the card top first into the perfect fit sleeve
  2. Insert the card with the perfect fit sleeve bottom first into a regular sleeve

When double-sleeving with Toploading Perfect Fits it’s a good idea to apply downwards pressure directly onto the perfect fit sleeve so that the perfect fit doesn’t slide up as you push the card down into the regular sleeve. You can do this by holding firmly onto the card and the inner sleeve as you push it into the regular sleeve, or by placing your fingertip on the back of the inner sleeved card and pushing it into the regular sleeve together

How do I double sleeve my deck with Sideloading inner sleeves?

Sideloading sleeves offer a quick method for double-sleeving your cards, making them an excellent choice for busy champions with numerous matches to participate in and adventures to embark on. With Sideloading Perfect Fit sleeves, you can easily double-sleeve your cards by inserting them into the sideloader and then placing them bottom-first into a regular sleeve.

Sideloading Perfect Fit sleeves do not provide as much protection as Toploading Perfect Fit sleeves but it is faster to double-sleeve with Sideloading Perfect Fits, as they're easier to push into the regular sleeves. Sideloading Perfect Fit sleeves are a good option if you need to double-sleeve lots of cards, don’t have much time to do so, and when the cards aren’t incredibly valuable. 

What are sealable inner sleeves for TCG?

Sealable Inner Sleeves - also know as our Perfect Fit Sealable - are the best way to protect your valuable cards. The spellwork behind our Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves provides full four edge protection without using any glue - a magical solution to offer high-end protection.

The method to sealing your cards in this tough as scales protection is to:

  1. Insert your card top first  into the sleeve with the front of the card facing the side of the Sealable Perfect Fit with the flap.
  2. Insert the card 2/3 of the way into the sleeve and then slide the flap between the back of the card and the perfect fit sleeve.
  3. Place a finger on the flap and push upwards, sliding the card all the way into the perfect fit sleeve.
  4. The card is now essentially sealed into the perfect fit sleeve and you don’t have to handle the card directly ever again meaning no risks of finger smudges or marks on the card.
  5. After the card has been inserted into the perfect fit you simply slide the card bottom first into a regular sleeve.

Double-sleeving cards with Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves can take a little longer than other perfect fit sleeves but it will provide your cards with the best protection possible - ready for the many perils that great adventures bring.

Smoke versions of inner sleeves

The three different types of Perfect Fit sleeves that Dragon Shield offers all have a ‘Smoke’ version inspired by the smokey fire of our dragons. The Smoke version has the same clear front as ‘clear’ perfect fits but have a semi-transparent smoked back which helps to obscure the card back, if you're not using fully opaque regular sleeves. 

When sleeving using Smoke Perfect Fits make sure to have the front of the card facing the clear side of the perfect fit sleeve. This ensures opaqueness when using regular sleeves with lighter colors. If you are playing in a tournament setting or using double-faced cards it can be particularly relevant to make sure that you can’t see your card backs through the card sleeves.

How to triple sleeve TCG cards with outer sleeves?

With Dragon Shield Outer Sleeves you can give your cards another layer of protection by triple sleeving. Simply slide the outer sleeve over your double-sleeved card with the opening of the outer sleeve facing opposite the opening of the regular sleeve. 

I have air pockets in my double or triple sleeved cards - what do I do?

If you have just triple-sleeved or double-sleeved a deck there might be some air pockets in between the sleeves. When you are finished double sleeving your cards it’s a good idea to place the cards on a flat surface and press down on them with your hand to push the air out. Also; keep in mind that double-sleeving cards will increase the overall thickness of your deck.