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Smoke - Sideloading Perfect Fit Sleeves

Product number: AT-13123

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Enhance your card protection by double-sleeving.
Perfect fit sleeves give your precious cards an important extra layer of protection, helping Defend your cards against dust, spills and unseen obstacles on the battlefield.
Simply slide your card sideways into a Perfect Fit sleeve, then sleeve your card as you would normally. The top of the card which is usually slightly exposed is now covered.
Smoke perfect fit sleeves have a darkened back designed to hide card backs when double-sleeving with semi-opaque card sleeves.
Double-sleeving with sideloading perfect fits is faster than with toploaders, but isn’t as effective at protecting your cards.

Sling spells without worry when double-sleeving.

- 100 standard size perfect fit sleeves
- Side-loading
- Clear

*double-sleeving does not protect cards from dragon attacks*