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Discover our newest Matte Art sleeves featuring the heroes of Flesh and Blood: Nuu, Alluring Desire and Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry.

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Nuu, Alluring Desire

Standard Size | 100 Matte Art Sleeves

Nuu, Alluring Desire - The seductive Assassin visits her targets in their dreams, luring them down into the water to die by a single venomous strike. She hides fatal attack reactions behind an alluring smile, using stealth to keep her prey guessing.

Oh, and did you know? An exclusive foil promo card "Wide Blue Yonder" is included with this edition of Flesh and Blood sleeves.

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Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry

Standard Size | 100 Matte Art Sleeves

Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry - This lone Illusionist carries centuries-old traditions and tales within her ancestral tapestry. An ever-changing mystery like the waxing and waning moon, Enigma uses Spectral Shields to ward off any damage while building up to reveal her true form.

Oh, and to make things more interesting: When you buy Enigma, you'll get an exclusive foil promo card included with this edition of Flesh and Blood sleeves: "Big Blue Sky"

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Dragon Shield x

Flesh and Blood

Two riveting storylines collide as the Flesh and Blood TCG and Dragon Shield join in an alliance to put the heroes of Rathe into the hands of fans around the world with official Flesh and Blood Dragon Shield card sleeves. Sharing a common passion for gaming, superb quality, and delicious artwork we’re dedicated to keeping your cards safe whether playing at official events or for fun with friends.

The engaging Flesh and Blood artwork is printed directly on high-quality Dragon Shield sleeves, ensuring players fabled durability in their arsenal so they can go again and again without fear of peeling or splitting!

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