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Revelry and Retribution

Discover our newest Matte Art sleeves featuring the heroes of Flesh and Blood: Melody Sing-along and Kassai Cintari Sellsword.

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Fab Round Thetable


Standard Size | 100 Art Sleeves

Kassai Cintari Sellsword is on a mission for revenge and her saber shows no mercy for those in her way. Flesh and Blood artist Soyameii has created the mesmerizing artwork for these Matte Art sleeves. Lend Kassai's determination to your game with the sure moves that come from the sleeves' great shuffle-feel.

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Standard Size | 100 Art Sleeves

Melody's tunes are spell-binding and her energy enchants her audiences. These stunning Matte Art sleeves give your deck a great shuffle-feel and feature artwork by Flesh and Blood artist Andy Aslamov. Who knows? Maybe your opponents will fall under Melody's spell.

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Dragon Shield x
Flesh and Blood

Two riveting storylines collide as the Flesh and Blood TCG and Dragon Shield join in an alliance to put the heroes of Rathe into the hands of fans around the world with official Flesh and Blood Dragon Shield card sleeves. Sharing a common passion for gaming, superb quality, and delicious artwork we’re dedicated to keeping your cards safe whether playing at official events or for fun with friends.
The engaging Flesh and Blood artwork is printed directly on high-quality Dragon Shield sleeves, ensuring players fabled durability in their arsenal so they can go again and again without fear of peeling or splitting!

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