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GM-SETUP Customize your GM screen with rules
reference inserts, maps or handy tables
Protect and transport your miniatures with
the 6 included foam trays, customize the
layout to your needs
Keep your pens and pencils in reach
while you play
Make player, monster or NPC cards with the
18 included reusable cards. Then easily track
initiative order along the top of the screen

The Game Master Companion is a two-in-one game master screen and storage/transport
solution for game masters of tabletop RPGs. Bring everything you need for game night
including a practical GM screen full of handy features, all in one handy box!

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PC-SETUP Track HP, inspiration and death saves on
the overlay without marking your
character sheet directly
Make rolls on the dice tray for
an incredibly satisfying sound
Transport your dice, miniatures
and pens to game night

The Player Companion is a two-in-one storage box and gameplay area for players of tabletop RPGs.
Pack your dice, miniatures, pens, character sheets and up to two RPG books! Roll dice on the
convenient dice tray for a satisfying sounding roll. Easily track HP, inspiration or death saves
on your character sheet without marking it directly!

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Game Master Companion - Dragon Shield

Player Companion - Dragon Shield


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RPG Pocket Guide

Free GM tips, player tips and random tables


Game Master Sheet

Free Game Master Sheet for 5th edition

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