Valentine Dragons 2022 - Brushed Art Sleeves - Japanese Size

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Our favorite dragon couple on their gory yet heartwarming 2022 adventure.

Clear front and 2022 Valentine Dragons artwork by Godfrey Escota on the Brushed back.

Comes with 60 Japanese size card sleeves for trading cards measuring up to 59x86 mm's (2-5/16"x3-3/8"). Great for TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight! Vanguard

Theme your TCG decks and express yourself with awesome high detail artworks!

Brushed sleeves feature a lightly textured back with a silky-smooth shuffle feel. Cards glide effortlessly when shuffling.

Experience the elegant shuffle feel of Dragon Shield Brushed sleeves and play with confidence knowing your cards are safeguarded by Dragon Shields!