Card Codex Zipster Binder - XL - Black

Product number: AT-38100

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This sleek binder is crafted to hold 24 x 24-pocket pages and boasts a soft, padded cover with a Dragon Shield zipper closure, ensuring your treasured cards remain secure while inside. To fortify its defenses, a sturdy acrylic board is embedded within the covers, making it both resilient and pliable.

The robust D-lock rings will reliably hold onto your Dragon Shield pocket pages.

Alongside your Zipster Binder you’ll receive free samples of 24-pocket pages and a label for the label pocket on the spine so you can keep your collection organized like a true dragon.

Can fit 24 x 24-pocket pages for a total of 576 cards if single sleeving
Can fit 18 x 24-pocket pages for a total of 432 cards if double sleeving