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Which texture is better? Matte art sleeves or Brushed art sleeves?

There is no ‘best card sleeve texture’. The card sleeve texture that is best for you will depend entirely upon your personal preferences and what you are using the sleeves for. From tournament play to casual kitchen table games your needs will vary and so will the card sleeves that are the best for your situation.

Brushed sleeves have a smoother texture than our matte sleeves, meaning that they have a smoother shuffle feel than matte sleeves. Cards will glide over each other more easily but decks sleeved with new brushed sleeves might be a little slippery off the bat. Matte sleeves will provide some more resistance when shuffling.

How can I give my art sleeves extra protection?

Are you super attached to your art sleeves and don’t want them to get damaged? You can use Outer Sleeves on the outside of your precious art sleeves to protect them. Dragon Shield Outer Sleeves have a matte textured back so you can give glossy card sleeves the Dragon Shield Matte shuffle feel that players know and love. 

What makes Dragon Shield art sleeves so good?

Dragon Shield art sleeves are great because of their high quality. Art is printed directly onto the sleeve so the art won’t peel or split off.

Art sleeves are 120 microns thick, just like our other sleeves. The thickness of the sleeves gives excellent protection to your cards. We perform daily strength tests on the sleeves we produce so you can be confident you are getting tough as scales card sleeves!

Are Dragon Shield licensed sleeves different from Dragon Shield's regular sleeves?
Dragon Shield licensed art sleeves are made with the same quality as Dragon Shield's regular art sleeves, just with licensed artwork.


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