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What are the features of Dragon Shield playmats?

Dragon Shield playmats are designed with several features to enhance your TCG gameplay experience. Our playmats boast gorgeous artwork, a rubber non-slip back, and a silky-smooth fabric surface, providing an excellent tactile feel while playing. The soft playing surface allows for smooth card sliding and easy card pickup, the playmat offers ample space for gameplay. Additionally, the playmat is finished with a stitched edge, giving it a premium look and preventing fraying over time.

How can I store and transport my Dragon Shield playmat?

To ensure the safe storage and easy transportation of your Dragon Shield playmat, it comes with an external tube. This tube provides a secure and convenient solution to keep your playmat protected when not in use or during travel. Simply roll up your playmat, slide it into the tube, and you can confidently carry it wherever you go.

Can Dragon Shield playmats be used for purposes other than TCG gameplay?

Absolutely! Dragon Shield playmats not only enhance your TCG experience but also serve as excellent oversized mousepads or keyboard pads. The large size and smooth fabric surface make them ideal for gamers who want a comfortable and stylish surface for their mouse or keyboard.

What are the dimensions of Dragon Shield playmats?

Dragon Shield playmats have dimensions of 61x35cm (24x13¾"). This size provides ample space for playing your favorite TCGs, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game while enjoying the comfort and functionality of the playmat's design.


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