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Sleeve Crafter

Product number: AT-00001

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Please note:

Standard customized TCG sleeves will be delivered within 10-15 business days on average, excluding holidays.

Japanese sized TCG sleeves will be delivered within 15-20 business days on average, excluding holidays.

Your deck is yours. Designed, built, and customized by you. Your deck isn’t ordinary. Neither should your sleeves be.

With the Dragon Shield Sleeve Crafter, you can become the craftsman of your own sleeves. Forge your own customized deck sleeves in the shadows of the night and use them to take over the world. The Sleeve Crafter enables and empowers you to customize and design your own personal sleeves for TCG by using your choice of images, texts and frames.

Life is limitless. So is the Sleeve Crafter.

Start crafting in 3 easy steps:

Upload image:

  • The forge accepts the following formats: JPEG, JPG and PNG.
  • For best results, use a 5:7 ratio size.
  • Make sure the resolution is at least 300 DPI/PPI.

Design sleeve

  • Get creative and customize your sleeves with frames, filters, emojis and more!
  • Preview the final sleeve design as you explore the options.
  • Click order when your masterpiece is complete!

Breathe deeply

  • This step is the hardest: practice your patience, fellow forge fan.
  • Your customized sleeves take 10-15 business days to print, ship and arrive.

A pack of standard sized customized sleeves contains 100 sleeves, a pack of Japanese sized customized sleeves contains 60 sleeves.

Get working on your new favourite sleeves now - our dragons are eagerly waiting by the forge.

You might have noticed that your design in Sleeve Crafter all have a little "D-mark" at the bottom. This is a necessary precision-printing mark to ensure all your sleeves are completely tournament-level identical. But the keen observer might already have recognized it as something else; it's actually in the shape of a tiny Dragon Shield logo!