Sleeve Crafter Power To Create


Dragon Dust Awarded: 250

Brushed -100 Standard Size- Art

Note: Customized products will be delivered in 15 business days on average, excluding holidays.

Your deck is yours. Designed, built, and customized by you. Your deck isn’t ordinary. Neither should your sleeves be.

With the Dragon Shield Sleeve Crafter , you can become the craftsman of your own sleeves. Forge your own customized deck in the shadows of the night and use them to take over the world.

The Sleeve Crafter enables and empowers you to create your own personal sleeve by using your choice of images, texts and frames.

Life is limitless. So is the Sleeve Crafter.

Please share any feedback with us, that can make the Sleeve Crafter better. We appreciate any kind of feedback, so please don’t hold any horses, dragons or whatsoever.


Specifications for a great Customized Sleeve:

  • Please use high quality images (preferably print quality) that are minimum 300dpi at the time of upload. Uploaded image format should be PNG, JPG or JPEG only.
  • Ensure you have proof-read for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and the text is placed with-in the safety area.

Delivery Time:

  • Sleeve crafter products will in most cases arrive within 15 business days (Monday to Friday, Excluding bank holidays).

Sleeve Size:

  • Standard Size card sleeves. For cards measuring up to 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”)

Sleeve Material:

  • We got the quality. You got the art work.
  • The custom made sleeves are produced in the renowned, tough-as-scales Dragon Shield quality: 120 micron non-textured polypropylene.
  • Your art work printed directly on the sleeve. No splitting. No layers.


Brad Nelson
Pro Magic Player, Co-Founder of MTG Melee
7 Pro-Level Top Finishes, Player of the Year 2010, 19 Grand Prix Top Finishes

"I've always been a fan of Dragon Shield for their ability to merge style with support, and their new Dragon Shield Sleeve Crafter is no different. The process to craft my own sleeves was super easy, and they came out so well! Now I can get the style of sleeve I want with the added knowledge that my cards will be protected in these durable sleeves for multiple uses. Honestly, there's just no way to go wrong when using Dragon Shields."

Michael Bonde
Pro Magic: the Gathering Player
Top8 MC Cleveland - GP Lyon Champion, 3x GP top 4.

"I think it is something closest to the easiest drag and drop system I have ever experienced - the website itself guides you well with the size required for the image, what file types and what you get. I just happened to have a picture that is super cool to get as my Oldschool sleeves. This makes the experience of sitting and playing my favourite deck even cooler! I'm familiar with Dragon Shield's previous products, which for me are the absolute best sleeves on the market, so having the opportunity to design my own for a small premium is absolutely wildly cool."

Steffen Eriksen
Pro Pokémon Player & Content creator
12x Worlds invites, 15+ regional titles

"The new Dragon Shield Sleeve Crafter personalizes your game in a whole new way! The sleeve crafter is easy to use, and provides you with a lot of customization options, even in its current beta state. Being able to upload your own design to be put onto your "sleeves is amazing! Next to that, additional customization options such as changing the frame, or adding additonal text, really makes you able to create your own unique set of sleeves. Oh! and the quality is still the same top quality you are used to from Dragon Shield. I hope you will be as happy using this as I am!"

Bird Keeper Toby GiveAway
Content Creator

"The Sleeve Crafter is really easy to use, and it's very exciting, seeing your creations come to life. I want to use these sleeves at all future tournaments and events!"



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