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Sleeve Crafter Terms and Conditions provides services where customers can create individual custom sleeves with a customer's personalized Design on (the "Creative Services”).

Each Design is customized by (the "Design"), and the customer will be presented with the draft Design (the "Proof File") before printing. The customer must accept the Proof File and pay for the Creative Services before starts printing the Design onto the sleeves. The order is considered final and concluded when the customer has accepted the Proof File. As each custom sleeve is individualized to each customer by, the customer has no right of cancellation.

Design of custom sleeves:

When Designing the custom sleeves, the customer undertakes not to:

  • upload or use any logos, trademarks, pictures or other material which is subject to the rights of a third party and which the customer has not obtained any rights to by agreement.
  • upload or use any offensive or provocative pictures, graphics or symbols (e.g. violent or extremist situations).
  • upload or use any offensive or sexual motives.

All designs need to contain a visible frame and a precision-printing mark, the little D-mark/Dragon Shield logo at the bottom of the design. This is necessary to produce the sleeves and is added automatically by the Sleeve Crafter. We reserve the right to cancel orders that are missing the frame and logo.

The customer is responsible for all proofreading and approval of the final Design before the customer accepts the Proof File. The customer must therefore ensure that the Proof File does not contain any misspellings, errors related to graphics or grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, non-matching colors, low quality of uplaoded images, or any other errors. is not responsible for any errors which the customer itself could have detected before accepting the Proof File. As soon as the customer has accepted the Proof File, no more amendments can be made to the Design.

Right and title to the Design

Upon use of the Creative Services, including upload of personal pictures or illustrations, the customer agrees and acknowledges that may use any such uploaded items to create, save and ultimately print, the Design for that specific customer. The customer owns the rights to the uploaded design.