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Classic Sleeves

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Dragon Shield Classic Texture Card Sleeves

With a wide array of card sleeve textures on the market for TCG protection, choosing the perfect card sleeve texture becomes crucial. Each texture offers a unique shuffle experience and stacking capability, making it essential to find the one that aligns with your preferences.

Explore Dragon Shield's selection of card sleeve textures, including matte card sleeves, brushed card sleeves, and classic card sleeve options online and read more about the benefits of each texture.

Discover the unique feel of Dragon Shield Classic card sleeves – the original sleeves with smooth, texture-free backs.

Classic TCG card sleeves: The handle and shuffle feel

Experience a solid shuffle feel with decks sleeved in Dragon Shield Classic, distinct from the softer feel of Matte or Brushed sleeves.When choosing the classic sleeves, you'll get a firm shuffle experience, requiring a bit more force, especially during mash shuffling.

New Classic card sleeves may initially be a little slippery, even causing a deck to topple over. However, over time, they develop some amount of grip, and the more they are used, the classic sleeves transition from being slippery to developing a strong adherence, making them the least slippery option of sleeves. This ensures your deck is highly unlikely to topple over.

Classic card sleeves: The aeshetics

While Classic card sleeves offer a unique shuffle feel, it's essential to note that they are more susceptible to scratching and scuff marks compared to the other textures.For those who prefer a gentler shuffle and want to avoid visible wear on their card sleeves, our dragons recommend exploring other card sleeve textures such as Matte card sleeves and Matte Dual card sleeves.

How to pick a card sleeve texture for TCG

If you lean towards a more forceful shuffle, appreciate the firm shuffle feel, and enjoy the simplicity of a smooth back, then Classic card sleeves are an excellent choice for you. Additionally, the stability these sleeves offer is particularly beneficial for playing with larger decks, such as in Commander.

Don’t forget to pick out a good deck box for your sleeved deck!