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Matte Sleeves

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Are Dragon Shield Matte card sleeves the best?

Dragon Shield Matte Sleeves for TCG are great because the sleeves are 120 microns thick, making them the thickest sleeves on the market. The Matte card sleeves have a textured ‘roughed’ matte back offering a very smooth shuffle feel, especially when compared with the Classic texture. Decks sleeved in Matte card sleeves will shuffle effortlessly. These sleeves can be slippery when they're new, but they become less slippery over time. The card backs of Matte sleeves feel great when holding a hand of cards.

Are Matte card sleeves better than other textures?

There is no ‘best card sleeve texture’ for TCG. The card sleeve texture that is best for you will depend entirely upon your personal preferences and what you are using the sleeves for. From tournament play to casual kitchen table games your needs will vary and so will the card sleeves that are the best for your situation.

Matte card sleeves are a good option for you if you are new to TCG accessories and want to test out the various options. The Matte texture is preferred by many players, so if you are unsure, then Matte sleeves are a safe bet.

What makes Dragon Shield Matte card sleeves so good?

Dragon Shield Matte Sleeves are really great because the sleeves are 120 microns thick, which makes them the thickest sleeves on the market. The thickness of the sleeves gives excellent protection to your cards. We perform daily strength tests on the sleeves we produce, so you can be confident you are getting tough as scales card sleeves for your favourite TCG deck! The feel of the matte sleeves and smooth shuffle feel is the reason why so many players have chosen this texture as their preferred sleeves.