Nomad - Forest Green

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Lace up your hiking boots and traverse vast horizons with a lush forest green Nomad.

Don't let the outside world box you in, hit the roads and wander like a Nomad. The Nomad allows you to take your TCGs outside or on your travels so you never have to stop playing. Take your game outside, maximize your travel time, keep on playing with the Nomad!

The Nomad is an outdoor and travel playmat.

Play outdoors, playtest decks while you travel to events or simply goldfish decks on the couch. Keep playing with the Nomad!

  • Quicksave your game
    • Need to move your game? Simply close the Nomad to quicksave!
  • Play outside
  • Play while travelling
  • Play on the couch
  • Strap for holding your deck securely in place
    • Strap holds Nomad closed when not in use
  • +1/+1 and -1/-1 tokens included