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Nest +300 - Blue/Black

Product number: AT-40409

44.99 USD

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Bright pastel Blue exterior and deep Black interior.

Prepare to safeguard your dragon treasures with the Dragon Shield Nest+ 300 Box, a grand fortress for your precious decks! This exclusive and high-end deck protection comes with a removable dice tray and a strong magnetic seal to protect your cards from harm. The durable Dragon Skin exterior and velvety soft interior are available in various color combinations, adding to its elegant design.

The Nest+ 300 Box has a clever design that can be rearranged in various ways, saving valuable board space during play. This wonder can hold up to 325+ single-sleeved cards or 260+ double-sleeved cards, or 258 cards double-sleeved with Perfect Fit Sealable. You can even fit Dragon Shield Strongboxes, Cube Shells, Deck Shells, Double Shells, and Standard Size 100 ct. sleeve boxes inside.

With the Nest+ 300 Box, you can transport multiple MTG, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood, or Digimon decks, ensuring that your treasures remain safe and secure. Protect your decks with the Dragon Shield Nest+ 300 Box, the ultimate fortress for your dragon treasures!