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Demon Hunters - Card Codex Portfolio 360

Product number: AT-34006

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Embark on an epic adventure and endow your collection with the unparalleled protection of the Card Codex, guarded by the fearsome heroes, Yuki and Kuzuha. These legendary guardians, driven by an unyielding devotion to protect humans from malevolent demons, bring their mystical prowess to safeguard your precious cards.

The Card Codex portfolio, adorned with stunning artwork by the renowned Japanese artist Ryo Kamei, features a reinforced cover that ensures your cards remain secure and pristine. The artwork is rendered in delicate pink and light hues, capturing the ethereal beauty of Yuki and Kuzuha amidst their relentless hunt.

This extraordinary portfolio holds up to 360 cards within its 20 sideloading 18-pocket pages, each designed with rounded corners and soft-touch edges. These features make the Card Codex not only a formidable protector but also a delight to flip through, as you journey through your treasured collection. The black textured inside adds a sleek, elegant look to your collection.

A convenient elastic strap keeps the Codex securely shut when not in use, ensuring that the guardians' watchful eyes never waver. Enjoy the elegant artwork by Ryo Kamei with this exceptional Card Codex, and let Yuki and Kuzuha's legendary defense be the cornerstone of your collection.