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Unleash the Demon Hunters

Make way for Yuki and Kuzuha as they hunt the twisted souls trapped in their demon form.

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Infuse your deck with the cleansing power of spring

Kuzuha lunges towards the demon and Yuki tightens her grasp on the bell-Katana perched over her shoulder. Its ability to cleanse the captured souls trapped in demon form is needed once again. Yuki restrains the fox-dragon's deadly attack and takes aim.
Sleeve your deck with cleansing magic of the Demon Hunters, now available on Matte Art Standard size and Japanese size sleeves. You can extend your collection with the silky smooth playmat and Card Codex Portfolio with room for 360 sleeves.

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Art by TCG artist, Ryo Kamei

Famed MtG artist Ryo Kamei has captured the Demon Hunters in mid-leap. Dragon Shield invited the artist to create something entirely his own, and the result is a nod to Japan, Ryo Kamei's homeland.

Explore the details of the anime artwork, all masterfully executed in high-quality print on both sleeves, playmat and portfolio.

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