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Spirit Animal Dragons

Explore the newest discoveries and find out what spirit animal dragons from the wild match the spirit in you!

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The Bushdrake

Beware of carrying your precious treasure in Bushdrake territory - once the spirit animal dragons get a glimpse of gold or gems, they will be lost to you forever. But fear not. The Bushdrakes are hoarders and will guard your treasure fiercely until the end of time.

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Wild by nature, the Wufdragon bounds over lava beds looking for new, exciting games to play. Its persistent and jolly nature is offset by its mighty roar when strangers approach.

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The Burnbug

Watch out if you suddenly feel an urge to roll in the grassy meadows. You might feel a sudden blazing sensation on your delicate digits if you encounter a Burnbug. Small in size, it is sure to leave you uneasy to explore the wild further.

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