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Cube Shell - Shadow Black

Product number: AT-30524

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By wisdom we prevail.

The closing line of the Rowanite Creed, reminding it's followers that regardless of how much might they possess, they must always have the wisdom to know when to use it.

Safeguard cards in a sleek limited edition Deck Shell matching Wisdom Dual Matte sleeves.

The Dragon Shield Deck Shell - an elegant and compact deck box that will safeguard your precious cards. With a secure lid that sits flush and a deep cutout for easy access, your cards will stay safe and organized.

Each Deck Shell includes a divider and a writing field for personalization.

It can hold up to:

  • 100 single-sleeved cards
  • 80 double-sleeved cards


  • 79 cards double-sleeved with Sealable Perfect Fit sleeves.

And the best part? The Deck Shell fits inside Dragon Shield Magic Carpets and Nest+ 300s, making it the perfect companion for your journey. Keep your cards safe and organized with the Deck Shell - a must-have for any adventurer!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing the Dragon Shield Cube Shells™ - the ultimate boost for your cube! These compact and sturdy deck boxes feature an elegant design and a secure closure mechanism, allowing your cards to slide in and out unobstructed.

But that's not all - Cube Shells™ are versatile enough to function as resealable booster packs, deck boxes for sideboards, tokens, and more. They're also perfect for organizing your collection or protecting cards during shipment. With a writing field on the top for personalization, you'll never lose track of your collection.

Each unit includes 8 Cube Shells™, each capable of fitting 20 single-sleeved cards, 15 double-sleeved cards, or 48 12mm D6 dice. And with compatibility with Magic Carpets, Deck Shells & Double Shells, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your game and safeguard your treasures with Dragon Shield Cube Shells™!