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Black inside
– charred by
real dragon fire!

Dual sleeves combine a colorful back with a black interior that elegantly frames your cards.
Dual sleeves have a matte textured back giving them an amazing shuffle feel. They are fully
opaque, making them perfect for tournament play.

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Kindle your deck’s spirit

Just as a coin has two sides, so does fate...
Which color resonates with your deck?
Ember, Fury or Wraith?

Revolution Kindler

Alaric, Revolution Kindler

“This is where your story ends,” Scaeva, king of Scintala said, his blade above the betrayer Alaric’s head. The battle had raged for days. The two commanders stood on the edge of a ravine. “Do it, then,” Alaric said. “But know it is my name the bards will sing in ages to come while you are forgotten, drowned in the blood of this field.” Scaeva sneered, bringing his enchanted blade down with a crimson streak of fire as a dragon roared behind him. The dragon had the mane of a lion and picked Alaric up. “Took you long enough,” he said. “I had not yet decided to aid you, human,” said Rowan, the lion-maned dragon. “But your plea for peace convinced me. Let us end this bloody war.”

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Alaric, Crimson King

Alaric never wanted to be king. But when the people called on him to oversee the peace-making efforts, he said yes. Five years gone, and Alaric still yearned for battle. Perhaps that is why he let the thieves take him from his bed in the night. He must not have thought they would start by taking his hands. Left with bleeding stumps atop a funeral pyre of jagged dragon bone, he impaled his stumps with two sword-like bones. He let half a decade of fury loose, emerging through flames and smoke, smiling as he cut his captors down, a demon of fiery fury.

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Crimson King
Chaos Wraith

Alaric, Chaos Wraith

Alaric the mortal had perished a lifetime ago and yet he found himself on a battlefield in a strange age. He felt the pull of the Dustcrafter who summoned him, urging him to fight. Not that he needed much convincing. His flesh had scarred, becoming black and flaming. His eyes were pools of smoke. His arms had been replaced with sword-like dragon bones. His wicked smile burst in flames as he sliced soldiers, a whirlwind of demonic death on the battlefield until the lion-maned dragon Rowan interceded. "Stop!" the dragon said. "This is not who you are, Alaric. Remember!" But Alaric could not, and so the two one-time friends met in combat, a battle neither could win.

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3 New Colors

For standard sized cards measuring up to 63x88mm (2½"x3½").
Compatible with trading card cames such as
Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Digimon, Flesh and Blood and many others.

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For Japanese sized cards measuring up to 59x86mm (2-5/16"x3-3/8")
Compatible with trading card cames such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight!! Vanguard

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Explore the entire range

Dual Matte sleeves are now available in 11 stunning colors!

Dual Matte sleeves are fully opaque with a black interior and a colored back.
The black backing elegantly frames your cards and makes card art stand out while you sling
spells with friends. Dual Matte sleeves feature the amazing silky smooth shuffle feel you’ve
come to expect from Dragon Shield!

Choose from:

Standard Size or Japanese Size
Dual Matte sleeves
DUAL Matte sleeves feature a black interior and a matte back which means:

- These are fully opaque, making these sleeve great for
tournament use or playing with double sided cards, all DUAL
sleeves are fully opaque! (Yes, even the lighter colors)

- These look amazing with black borderded cards! The card
border seamlessly blends into the background making
the artwork stand out

- DUAL sleeves have an amazing shuffle feel!

What are Dual Matte card sleeves?

Dual Matte sleeves have a Matte textured back with a black interior. The black interior ensures that you cannot see the card back through the sleeve, the sleeve is fully opaque, meaning that you can’t see the card back through the sleeve, this makes Dual Matte sleeves great for tournament play. The black interior also looks amazing with black bordered TCGs like Magic the Gathering or Flesh and Blood. The black border makes the artwork visually pop on non-black bordered TCGs. Dual Matte sleeves have the same shuffle feel as regular Matte sleeves. Like regular Mattes, Dual sleeves start off very slippery when new but will become less slippery over time.

The main difference between Dual Matte Card Sleeves and Classic Card Sleeves is the shuffle feel. Dual Matte card sleeves will have a smoother shuffle feel while decks sleeved with Classic Card sleeves give more resistance when shuffling and more force is required. The card backs on Dual Matte sleeves will not reflect much light but the classic sleeves will, this means that the card backs on classic sleeves will appear more shiny or glossy.

Dual Matte sleeves have a more defined texture than Brushed sleeves. Compared to Brushed sleeves, Dual Matte sleeves have a slightly more firm shuffle feel.

Dragon Shield Dual Matte Sleeves are great because the sleeves are 120 microns thick, making them the thickest sleeves on the market. The thickness of the sleeves gives excellent protection to your cards. We perform daily strength tests on the sleeves we produce so you can be confident you are getting tough as scales card sleeves!

There is no ‘best card sleeve texture’. The card sleeve texture that is best for you will depend entirely upon your personal preferences and what you are using the sleeves for. From tournament play to casual kitchen table games your needs will vary and so will the card sleeves that are the best for your situation.