‘Procul’ the Arcane Pillar | AT-33505

Slipcase Binder

The ultimate way to protect and display your collection. Looks good on any gamer’s shelf or mantelpiece.

• Smooth fitting binder of the highest quality.
• Solid 3D ring mechanism.
• Compressor bar included to keep your pages in check.
• Very sturdy 3 mm slipcase.
• Tough easy-to-clean high-gloss print.
• Gorgeous dragon artwork by one of our finest artists.

Procul, the Arcane Pillar

“I saw him, once, Procul, the one known as the Arcane Pillar. You won’t believe me, I know, no one believes a jester, but I assure you I did! Before I juggled for the nobility’s amusement, I was a mercenary. In the last skirmish, I was. Not a very good one, mind, and so when the forces of Jakra descended upon my company, I was too busy taking a leak to fight, meself! When I returned, I saw a white light so pure, it burned me left eye straight out of its socket. Legend says Procul is the eldest Primordial Dragon; I say he is no dragon at all. He is magic itself.”

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‘Procul’<br>Slipcase Binder
‘Procul’<br>Slipcase Binder