‘Rodinion’, the Lost Continent | AT-33511

Slipcase Binder

The ultimate way to protect and display your collection. Looks good on any gamer’s shelf or mantelpiece.

• Smooth fitting binder of the highest quality.
• Solid 3D ring mechanism.
• Compressor bar included to keep your pages in check.
• Very sturdy 3 mm slipcase.
• Tough easy-to-clean high-gloss print.
• Gorgeous dragon artwork by one of our finest artists.

Rodinion, the Lost Continent

When Ching Shi bordered her first brothel-vessel, she never imagined she would one day become leader of the most revered pirate-priesthood this side of the Vicar Sea. Her life had been one of wonder, and yet nothing prepared her for what came next. She stood on the mast of her ship and stared in disbelief.

Ching Shi thought she knew the seas, and so coming across an unknown continent gave her pause. But when the continent moved, shaking dragons from its mountaintops, she realized the landmass was no continent at all. Rodinion rose, shaking the world.

Ching Shi didn’t notice the tsunamis. She forgot to pray…

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