‘Char’ the Burning Tornado | AT-33507

Slipcase Binder

The ultimate way to protect and display your collection. Looks good on any gamer’s shelf or mantelpiece.

• Smooth fitting binder of the highest quality.
• Solid 3D ring mechanism.
• Compressor bar included to keep your pages in check.
• Very sturdy 3 mm slipcase.
• Tough easy-to-clean high-gloss print.
• Gorgeous dragon artwork by one of our finest artists.

Char, the Burning Tornado

Char belongs to a class of dragon known as the Primordials. The Primordial Dragons were not birthed by nature alone, but were fathered by magic and providence to usher in a new age as rulers. Despite their ancient origins, the Primordials are still teenagers in terms of their own lifespans, and have not yet accepted the mantle of kings and queens.

For now, Char resides in the Volcano Lowlands of Northmarch, where he sleeps in a bed of lava. When provoked, he spins fast enough to cause tornados alight with his breath of fire. Soon he will face his destiny, and the realms of Arcania will tremble.

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‘Char’<br>Slipcase Binder
‘Char’<br>Slipcase Binder