Pink ‘Mitsanu’Matte 60 Japanese
Pink ‘Mitsanu’ | AT-11112Matte – 60 Japanese SizeClear front & Pink back. Compassion personified.Japanese Size Matte is our popular line of textured sleeves with superior handling. A perfect mix of shuffle feel and durability.
  • 60 sleeves per box.
  • For cards measuring up to 59×86 mm (2 5/16″x3 3/8″).
  • PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
  • 120 μm quality thickness.
  • Sturdy cardboard box fits 40+ sleeved cards.
  • Every box has a label for your personal use.
Designed for use with Yu-Gi-Oh!™, Naruto™ and other card games. “Yu-Gi-Oh!™” is a registered trademark of Konami. “Naruto™” is a registered Trademark of Bandai, Inc.Mitsanu, the InsanityErratic and unpredictable does not even begin to describe the malice that is Mitsanu or, as she is simply called among her kind, “The Insanity”. Mitsanu was not always like this. Once she was a respected protector of the law within the Wyrm Gate, but some tragedy fell upon her, and she lost all her former control and wisdom, and gained in return a madness of speed and power, making her ever as feared as she was once loved. Mitsanu has grown to become a real threat, and many believe that if the cause of her rage is not found, she will one day spell the doom of every dragon within the Wyrm Gate.Related ProductsOther Japanese Matte SleevesAll Japanese Matte SleevesNews & InspirationDownload Images