Light Grey/BlackMagic Carpet
Light Grey/Black | AT-40301Magic CarpetThe Dragon Shield ‘Magic Carpet’ storage box offers an easy and stylish way to store and transport your cards. It combines elegant design and a strong magnetic seal for premium protection. The exterior can be separated from the storage tray and used as a Playmat, so you always have one handy, when you are transporting your cards.• Magnetic deck box that separates into a satin lined 667x350mm (261/4“x133/4“) playmat and a deck tray. • The deck tray fits:

– 7 Standard Dragon Shield 100 sleeve boxes or – 6 Dragon Shield Deck ShellsTM or – 555 sleeved cards or – more than 1001 unsleeved cards!

• Archival safe with no acid or PVC. • Tough ‘Dragon Skin’ exterior – soft fabric interior.Saturion Ascendant #17The guardian of the Nest severed Rhipodon’s head with its flaming talons. It transformed into a heart-shaped black egg as it fell into the pit below before returning to Saturion’s body, where he housed it in lieu of a human heart. Rhipodon’s body disintegrated as the thousands of souls that comprised it burst like a rain cloud. The guardian landed on the ledge, where Saturion stood, showered in souls. Half of its body was missing from the battle, and yet it took a step toward the black mage. It swiped its flaming wings at him, but he dodged easily. “Sleep,” Saturion said kindly. The dragon withered, then died.Related ProductsOther Magic CarpetsNews & InspirationDownload Images