‘Glist’ Queen of Golds | AT-33506

Slipcase Binder

The ultimate way to protect and display your collection. Looks good on any gamer’s shelf or mantelpiece.

• Smooth fitting binder of the highest quality.
• Solid 3D ring mechanism.
• Compressor bar included to keep your pages in check.
• Very sturdy 3 mm slipcase.
• Tough easy-to-clean high-gloss print.
• Gorgeous dragon artwork by one of our finest artists.

Glist, Queen of Golds

Goldsight took Bil at the worst possible time. He was going in for the kiss, Selest looking up at him beneath the stars and sky — then he was the stars and sky, his life a grain of stardust against the infinity of the universe.

All at once, he stood on a disc at the edge of the universe, his body remade in golden light. Across the disc stood Glist, Queen of Golds. What do you want? Biil asked. She raised her eyes to the sky. A wicked laugh cracked across the void like an echo through the eons.

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