Emerald ‘Rayalda’Matte 100 Standard
Emerald ‘Rayalda’ | AT-11036Matte – 100 Standard SizeClear front & sparkling Matte emerald back. The calming peace of reflection at your fingertips.Matte sleeves are our popular line of textured Dragon Shield with superior handling. A perfect mix of durability and shuffle-ability.
  • 100 sleeves per box.
  • For cards measuring up to 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”).
  • PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
  • 120 μm quality thickness.
  • Sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ sleeved cards.
  • Box lid has a label for your personal use.
Designed for use with Magic the Gathering™, Pokémon™ and other card games. “Magic: The Gathering™” is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, “Pokémon™” is a registered trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.Rayalda, Peace PersonifiedIain thought long and hard about what he’d spend his riches on. He envisioned a boat with a long mast and glorious sails. He’d have Rayalda’s face painted on it to show the world that he’d bested the beast, carved the emeralds from her back and claimed them for his own. But when he came upon Rayalda in the forest, he felt… strange. Calm washed over him. For a moment, he wanted nothing more than to bask in her presence. He fought the feeling and attacked. Rayalda cocked her head as he scalped the emeralds from her flesh. When she died, the grass underneath shriveled up and blackened. Iain’s knees buckled and he fell onto her carcass. He wept.Related ProductsOther Matte 100 SleevesAll Matte 100 SleevesNews & InspirationDownload Images