‘Dashat’ | AT-37222

Card Codex – Portfolio 576

Stunning wrap-around artwork featuring ‘Dashat, the Grey Haunt’.

24 pages with 24 side-loaded card pockets for a total of 576 card slots that keeps your cards safe, while they relax from a long day on the battlefield.

Each portfolio features a soft, padded cover with a wide elastic closure band and an original, collectible story on the packaging. All pages have a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners.

  • Ultra clear polypropylene pockets on a black textured backing.
  • Index card and clear spine included.
  • Hidden acrylic sheet inside the covers makes keeps portfolios flexible, yet difficult to damage.

Dashat, Psychic Death

Nar scrambled through the bog, empty scabbard banging against his hip. Saddie followed, blood dripping from her mouth. He’d awoken in the middle of the night to see her hunched over Dral, their leader, eating. As Nar ran, he thought of the Saddie he’d grown up with. How she wore flowers in her hair.

He tripped. Saddie was over him, eyes glazed over with a thin mist. Behind those eyes, he swore he saw…

“Dashat!”  The mist dragon. It lived in these bogs.

It was in Saddie’s head.

“Forgive me,” Nar whispered, grabbing her dagger and stabbing her in the heart.

The mist behind her eyes disappeared with a hiss.

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‘Dashat’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 576
‘Dashat’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 576