Crimson ‘Elohaen’ | AT-11121

Matte – 60 Japanese Size

Clear front & Matte Crimson back. The royal flames of duty and honor.

Japanese Size Matte is our popular line of textured sleeves with superior handling. A perfect mix of shuffle feel and durability.

  • 60 sleeves per box.
  • For cards measuring up to 59×86 mm (2 5/16″x3 3/8″).
  • PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
  • 120 μm quality thickness.
  • Sturdy cardboard box fits 40+ sleeved cards.
  • Every box has a label for your personal use.

Designed for use with Yu-Gi-Oh!™, Naruto™ and other card games.
“Yu-Gi-Oh!™” is a registered trademark of Konami. “Naruto™” is a registered Trademark of Bandai, Inc.

Elohaen, Gate’s Heart

Elohaen regards all dragons in the Wyrm Gate as her wards. She is the one who soothes the newly banished, and she is the one who steps in, before the madness of the likes of Mitsanu becomes out of control.

Being the heart and soul of all draconic existence in the Wyrm Gate comes at a price. For every time she befriends a new denizen of her world, she does so by sharing her soul, thereby changing herself, to become – if not of blood, then of a heart with them. The only dragon she has ever failed in seducing this way is Stegazil. But even he will fall one day, for Elohaen always finds a way.

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