Clear ‘Sanctus’Perfect Fit Toploader100 Standard
Clear ‘Sanctus’ | AT-13001Perfect Fit Toploader – 100 Standard SizeClear front & Clear back. Straight forward and un-obtrusive. Add Perfect Fit sleeves for maximum card protection. Perfect Fit sleeves fit cards even closer, and go inside all Standard Size Dragon Shields.
  • 100 inner sleeves per bag.
  • For cards measuring up to 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”).
  • PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
  • 60 μm quality thickness.
Sanctus the Sky GiantThe dragon Sanctus is visible only to children and the elderly, so most people believe him to be a myth. Never has he been seen on actual land, instead swaying gently in the wind and disappearing instantly when pointed to in acknowledgement. On the highest peaks of the Kangasang mountains where the clouds are reachable by humans, there are ancient shrines to a “sky giant” that some believe to be the mythological Sanctus. If the glyphs on these shrines hold any truth, Sanctus is gathering clouds in its chest in order to release a storm that will one day devour the land with water.Related ProductsOther Perfect Fit SleevesAll Perfect Fit 100 SleevesNews & InspirationDownload Artwork