‘Caelum’ | AT-36208

Card Codex – Portfolio 160

Stunning wrap-around artwork featuring ‘Caelum, Harbinger of Storms’.

20 pages with 8 side-loaded card pockets for a total of 160 card slots that keeps your cards safe, while they relax from a long day on the battlefield.

Each portfolio features a soft, padded cover with a wide elastic closure band and an original, collectible story on the packaging. All pages have a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners.

  • Ultra clear polypropylene pockets on a black textured backing.
  • Index card and clear spine included.
  • Hidden acrylic sheet inside the covers makes keeps portfolios flexible, yet difficult to damage.

Caelum, Father of Storms

Wind threatened to decimate Poe’s tiny ship, one in Commander Windin’s fleet of two hundred.

They were friends once. Since the man in black appeared, Windin hadn’t been the same. Poe suspected the stranger was behind this assault. Who in their right mind would attack a dragon? And for what? Shards of silver?

Dark clouds formed an unnatural wall ahead. Lightning struck, illuminating the beast hiding behind the clouds. Caelum shone, light dancing in his silver scales. His eyes, radiant smoke.

“Steady!” Windin called.

Poe realized too late that Caelum was not just the harbinger of storms. Caelum was the storm itself.

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‘Caelum’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 160
‘Caelum’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 160