Apple Green ‘Eluf’ | AT-11118

Matte – 60 Japanese Size

Clear front & Apple Green back. The crisp taste of youth and spring.

Japanese Size Matte is our popular line of textured sleeves with superior handling. A perfect mix of shuffle feel and durability.

  • 60 sleeves per box.
  • For cards measuring up to 59×86 mm (2 5/16″x3 3/8″).
  • PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
  • 120 μm quality thickness.
  • Sturdy cardboard box fits 40+ sleeved cards.
  • Every box has a label for your personal use.

Designed for use with Yu-Gi-Oh!™, Naruto™ and other card games.
“Yu-Gi-Oh!™” is a registered trademark of Konami. “Naruto™” is a registered Trademark of Bandai, Inc.

Eluf, the Eternal Heir

The young prince known as Eluf the Eternal Heir died faithfully defending his kingdom on a world long forgotten. In life, he never knew he was betrayed. His love for a peasant girl was not accepted by his father the king. Not wishing to risk the bloodline of the throne to his son’s affections, he had him slain in the chaos of battle.

Eluf awoke behind the Wyrm Gate, with all of his human memories intact, as one of the many green dragons that live there. Like Eluf, they all wear some remnant of their human life on their horns and tails. Perhaps, these dragons were all once royal men with good hearts, who were betrayed.

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