‘Anesidora’ | AT-35953

Card Codex – Portfolio 80

Stunning wrap-around artwork featuring ‘Anesidora, Knight of the God Hand’.

20 pages with 4 top-loaded card pockets for a total of 80 card slots that keeps your cards safe, while they relax from a long day on the battlefield.

Each portfolio features a soft, padded cover with a wide elastic closure band and an original, collectible story on the packaging. All pages have a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners.

  • Ultra clear polypropylene pockets on a black textured backing.
  • Index card and clear spine included.
  • Hidden acrylic sheet inside the covers makes keeps portfolios flexible, yet difficult to damage.

Saturion Ascendant #16

Rhipodon attacked the guardian of the Nest with mad ferocity.
Below, Saturion, barely alive, crawled to the edge of the clearing where he’d left the Con Nys Dragon. Capable of adapting to any environment, the Con Nys had been perfect for getting Saturion out of heated situations. He needed its assistance once more.
The Con Nys had turned itself to stone, melding into the ground, to avoid detection and attack.
For Saturion, it couldn’t have been an easier target.
He devoured the stone and stole the dragon’s adaptive powers. His body began to fix itself as the guardian and the prisoner dragons fought above.

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‘Anesidora’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 80
‘Anesidora’<br>Card Codex<br>Portfolio 80