16-Pocket Pages Non-Glare | AT-10312

Binder Pages

Dragon Shield 16-Pocket Pages have rounded corners and soft-touch edges that eliminate sharp edges for good. The obvious choice for your home collection that fits perfectly with your Slipcase Binders!

• 50 tough polypropylene binder pages.
• 16 centerloaded card pockets/page.
• Soft frosted surface that reduces the glare from hard light sources.
• Ideal for displaying playsets of 4 cards.
• Measures 225x295mm.
• Made for standard size cards measuring up to 63x88mm (2½”x3½”).

Hyde, the Found

“Don’t kill him!” Madala screamed, holding her arms out wide in front of her father. The three-headed dragon breathed hot smoke of all six of its nostrils. It chomped its jaws, but at least one of the heads looked to be considering.

“Why.” “Are.” “You here?” Each of the heads croaked one of the words, splicing the question together.

“We’re lost,” she said. “We’re merchants! See?” She grabbed a tambourine from the bag at her feet. One of the heads curled around her slight body. It licked the drum.

“Play.” “Here? Now?” “If.” “You.” “Would.” “Live.” She played until the dragon, soothed, sunk into the fog, asleep.

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16-Pocket Pages<br>Non-Glare
16-Pocket Pages<br>Non-Glare