16-Pocket Pages Clear | AT-10302

Binder Pages

Dragon Shield 16-Pocket Pages have rounded corners and soft-touch edges that eliminate sharp edges for good. The obvious choice for your home collection that fits perfectly with your Slipcase Binders!

• 50 tough polypropylene binder pages.
• 16 centerloaded card pockets/page.
• Ultra clear pockets on a black textured backing designed for longevity and style.
• Ideal for displaying playsets of 4 cards.
• Measures 225x295mm.
• Made for standard size cards measuring up to 63x88mm (2½”x3½”).

Aurora, Dragon of Glass

Shep stared at the same spot in the clearing at the same time of day every day for six years. He joined the Mages of the Shattered City of Glass believing he would discover secret magic, become a great mage, and use his powers to reshape the world.

What young man hasn’t felt the dragon of ambition in his belly? But what had he learned upon finding the city? A priesthood full of old, wasted men, all waiting for… The air in front of him shattered like a vase set to stone. Light streamed from the space between reality, blinding. Aurora, Dragon of Glass, had returned. And with him, the dragon in Shep’s belly.

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16-Pocket Pages<br>Clear
16-Pocket Pages<br>Clear