What is Dragon Shield: Kingdoms

You live Dragon Shield. Now, live in Dragon Shield: Kingdoms.

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Across the world, innumerable gamers know and love Dragon Shield products, trusting our sleeves, deck boxes, and mats to guard them in tournaments. Now, we invite you to join the dragons and characters of the twin fantasy realms Arcania and Raacnia where politicking empires battle for dominance and warring dragons claw their way to treasure and territory. Both seek the untold power of the mystical Dragon Shields.

You may have already glimpsed Arcania or Raacnia by reading the stories on the back of each of our products. Now, players can explore the extended lore of Dragon Shield: Kingdoms in a 172 page illustrated novel, available from our webshop, read stories published exclusively online and listen to an on-going storytelling podcast.

Find out more about the first season of the Dragon Shield: Kingdoms podcast, Vicar’s Conquest, below.

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Saturion — Vicar’s Conquest

When Saturion Deshane, a farmer’s son in the breadlands of Nirgrend, is rejected from the Guild of Court Mages, he refuses to take it laying down. He heads straight to the capital to demand a meeting with the High Mage herself.

But when she tricks him into joining the Jester’s Society instead of the Guild of Court Mages, he finds himself destined for a life of low humor and lower company. That is until he meets General Vicar, whose conquest across the realm of Arcania will awaken the dragons of old, uncover the secrets of the Dragon Shields, and transform Saturion from failed mage into the most powerful dark wizard in history.

Welcome to Dragon Shield Kingdoms Season One: Vicar’s Conquest.

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Lore Archives


Midnight Festival – Chapter 1

Sara knew the egg couldn’t be real. Little girls didn’t win dragon eggs, especially not at random, and not in the village Pirth. But what if?


Midnight Festival – Chapter 2

Electricity encircled Opeth, the Osiris Beam as lightning tore the sky. Pistons whirred and blue light rippled through its entire body, glowing like lantern light beneath its slick, metallic skin…


Midnight Festival – Chapter 3

Sara and Hue fell for what felt like a long time before collapsing in a heap at the bottom of a black ravine. When Hue came to, he had trouble seeing his hand in front of his face. …


Midnight Festival – Chapter 4

Xao’s tongue formed first. It dripped wet with saliva as it lapped up shadows. A skull, pointed and sharp, took shape around the tongue, forming teeth and eyes and horns. Deep indentations cracked along its body, bleeding red light in the shape of the all-seeing eye.


Midnight Festival – Chapter 5

Sara’s legs burned as her breathing grew heavy. She ran deeper into the catacombs, ran until she thought she would collapse and then ran some more. Finally, mercifully, her brother held out a hand to stop.


Midnight Festival – Chapter 6

Nobody seemed to notice the vortex of night blue light outside of the inn, except for Molio, Constance and Franz. They rushed out, ignoring the furious serving wench who thought they wouldn’t pay. …


Soldier of Shadow – Part 1

Jain twirled in the sky as she fell, her cloak and skirt-tassels whirling around her. She let out a yelp of joy as she narrowly avoided skewering by a still-melting ice stalagmite; this is what she lived for. Assassinating human targets had its fun, sure, but dragon hunting offered an excitement like nothing else …


Soldier of Shadow – Part 2

Lightning ripped across the sky as Amina faced Rubis. The two massive dragons flew around each other, circling above the canyon like prize-fighters; Amina’s glass horns and talons shimmered as bright as Rubis’s rubies …