Webshop in Service for The United States

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Calling all Dragons!

C’mere, bring it in.

You are invited into the depth of Dungeons where Dragon Shields are forged.

Your Local Game Store may be closed.
You look for ways to support your Local Game Store.

We’re setting up shop-online for you today and soonish also your Local Game Store. Get your Dragon Shield products here.

Just like Dragons, we choose to act swiftly. Minding the severe situation, we are working on a profit-sharing program with your Local Game Store acting as beneficiary.

Please, be patient, this is new to us and we are learning as we move along. Partnering up with Beckett, the webshop is now online and a kickback scheme to the Local Game Store is being developed as soon as possible.

Why a Dragon Shield webshop for the United States?

  • To service our beloved fans and players that don’t have access to their Local Game Store.
  • Actively, developing ways LGSs can receive support – available in a couple of weeks.
  • To support our community.
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