Contest: The best Christmas idea becomes a hand-painted playmat!

Scaly Claws is in town and we are knee-deep in holiday spirit already! So obviously there is only one thing to do: Celebrate with a Playmat Idea Contest – Christmas Edition!

About the contest

We love one-of-a-kind legendary items. That is why we created our Plain White playmats, to give players a high quality canvas to create their own totally unique playmats.

But what if you have the perfect idea, but you are… a bit challenged when it comes to artistic prowess? Well, then this contest is for you! All you have to do is tell us your idea for the perfect Christmas playmat and it could be turned into reality by one of our favorite artists, Sabine Van Apeldoorn. We will pick the most awesome/funny/cute/jolly idea and have Sabine create her hand-painted interpretation of it on one of our Plain White Playmats.

How do you enter

a) Write your idea for a Christmas-themed playmat and send it to us. Either on Facebook or Twitter (find the relevant post/tweet or send us a direct message).

b) If you are the artistic type, but want to see your idea brought to life by a true Dragon Shield artist you can send us picture of your sketch, via Facebook, Twitter or by email to [email protected]

Both ways of entering are fine and it makes no difference which platform you enter on. There will be one winner across all platforms, but of course you are welcome to share your idea on multiple platforms even though it won’t increase your chance of winning.

About the artist

Sabine Van Apeldoorn is one of our favorite artists. She has a unique art style which we love and has created a number of our most iconic dragons. Below are some examples of the dragons Sabine has created.

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