First Easter – Now Summer! Matte Art is Back ❤

We did it again! We made a new limited matte art sleeve, called “Summer Dragon”, depicting a wood cabin on a lake with a pier, where a sleepy dragon bathes in the summer sun.

A new family member in our line of Holiday Dragons to represent our image of the perfect summer.

Once again has the beloved artist Godfrey Escota been at work and created another Dragon Shield masterpiece for both sleeve and playmat.

For those of you who doesn’t know Godfrey, he’s the master behind our Valentine and Easter Dragons and Celeste, Soul Soother and Racan, Soul Swallower – the dragons from our clear blue and purple matte sleeves – as well as many others.

We know you all demand matte art and our fuzzy and whimsy ‘Easter Dragon’ were a tremendous success. We therefore advice you to move with haste and get you hands on our ‘Summer Dragon’ now.

We wish you all a warm and playful summer with lots of Dragons in the sky.

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