Night Blue is the New Black!

Last year we asked you players to vote for the next big color in the Dragon Shield family – and you replied.

Our deep hue of night blue was the color you screamed for. We heard it! And therefore, we launch 6 sleeves, 3 deck shells, 3 playmats, a strongbox and four compartment – in our new evergreen color.

Because of our love for collectible card games and you players, we went all out in the making our new sleeves, artworks and storyline. A storyline, which has turned out to be amazing, where we follow Sara and Hue and their meetings with the 6 dragons; Opeth, Botan, Zugai, Delphion, Xao and Xon.

We truly recommend you find and read the story throughout the sleeve boxes, playmats and deck shells. Or! You can go online to on street date the 14th of June and read the whole story.


Don’t be hesitant! Visit your local store now and get your hands on these new sleeves in a deep night blue hue that resembles the purest night sky. But be aware! It will end up calming even the most aggressive opponent.


Night Blue sleeves come in both DS100 Matte and Classic, DS60 Matte and Classic, DS60 Japanese Matte and Classic.

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