Jeff Jones Reviews Dragon Shield Japanese Sleeves

If you’re looking for some durable, high-quality sleeves for your trading cards, look no further than the most recent “Dragon Shield Mini” sleeves. Recently it seems Dragon Shield has really stepped up their game for their Yu-Gi-Oh sleeves. Normally well known for their amazing quality for Standard Size sleeves, their previous versions for the Yu-Gi-Oh sized sleeves weren’t my favorite.

That’s what makes these new matte and art sleeves an utter delight. Both are much better than I ever could have expected. Stylish and durable are the two most important things for any card game player, and these sleeves have just that! Plus, Yu-Gi-Oh! players might recognize a fun homage if they’re paying close attention.

The sleeves are nice and clear allowing you to see your cards with clarity. They feel good in your hands to shuffle, and sliding across your playmat is a breeze.

If I had to make a tier list of popular sleeves, Ultra Pro would most certainly be at the bottom and KMC and Dragon Shield somewhere near the top.

Feel: 8/10
Look: 8/10
Durability: 8/10

No matter if you’re looking for sleeves for your main deck or something to brighten up your extra deck, Dragon Shield sleeves have something for everyone.

That’s it for today, be sure to read next time when I rank my favorite streamers for both their entertainment value as well as ability to teach their viewers a thing or two.

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Jeff Jones Reviews Dragon Shield Japanese Sleeves

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