Protect Your Hoard of Trading Card Gold with New Dragon Shield 18-Pocket Binder Pages!

From Dragon Shield, world-wide leader in trading card game accessories and high-quality collection protection, comes the brand new 18-pocket binder pages, now with unique edge technology for even better storage. 

Card gamers around the world know that sleeving their deck in Dragon Shield means ultimate protection. Now, collectors and players alike can bring the high-end, premier quality of the Dragon Shield line of products to their entire collection with 18-pocket binder pages.

The 18-pocket binder pages have nine individual, ultra clear, side-loaded pockets on the front and the back, totaling 18 slots per page. The black, textured backing makes for an incredible feel and added card-back protection.

The edges have been rounded and smoothed off to add extra comfort and security when flipping pages. Run your fingers along the side of the pages to feel the massive difference. Know that your cards couldn’t be safer. 

 Each 18-pocket page fits cards measuring up to 63x88mm (2 ½”x3 ½”) and works with any three ring binder.

All pages are archival safe and absolutely PVC and acid free.


Dragon Shield takes protecting your cards as seriously as any dragon protecting its hoard of gold.

Slade the Outrider (18-pocket page display) —  Slade, the Outrider, is a bio-mechanical creation of the Empire in Arcania’s twin-dimension. Whereas Arcania developed into a magical and medieval society, its twin became a totalitarian, scientific world, where the flesh and power of dragons have fused with the gears of eternal progress. Slade, the Outrider, has been dispatched to scout Arcania ahead of the oncoming invasion from the second dimension, and to find the location of the sacred Dragon Shields.

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