Coming this December: Magenta & Slate!

Wield the awesome power of Escotarox, the Matte Slate dragon and Fuchsin, the Matte Magenta dragon with new matte Slate and Magenta Dragon Shield sleeves, playmat and Deck Shell!

The Dragon Shield line of standard-size matte-textured sleeves continues to expand with two new colors: Slate and Magenta. The introduction of Slate and Magenta brings the matte line up to 20 unique, vibrant colors.

The cool artwork of the Magenta and Slate dragon will be available both as playmat and Deck Shell as well – but only in a limited time.

Each box of matte Dragon Shield comes with a minimum of 100 sleeves and boasts the same incredible quality, feel, and shuffle-ability that has made Dragon Shield famous around the world. Feast your eyes on Godfrey Escota’s genius artwork on the front of the box, and read about the dragons’ exploits in the short story included on the back.

Meet the Slate and Magenta Dragons:

Escotarox, the Shadow — Escotarox, the Shadow slumbers among the mountains atop a pile of travelers’ bones. While asleep, he blends into the slate and doesn’t wake even when his mouth opens to devour wayward explorers

Fuchsin, the Stone Chained — Magenta dragons possess an ability called Harmonious Breath, which causes emotional balance. The power is so unique that witches and warlords capture them to lure enemies into a false sense of security.

Standard-size matte textured sleeves are 63×88 mm’s (2½”x3½”) and are perfect for regular-sized trading card games, like Magic: the Gathering.

Magenta and Slate sleeves, playmat and Deck Shell will be released this December.

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