Wrap Your Talons Around the Brand New Crimson Matte and Mint Classic

Crimson Matte, previously available only in Japanese size, is now bigger and better than ever! Mint, one of our most popular matte colors, crashes the Classic party to freshen up your gaming.

Dragon Shield is proud to announce wider availability of two of our most popular colors: Mint and Crimson!

Crimson Matte is now available in Matte standard-size sleeves, whereas it was previously only available as part of Dragon Shield’s Japanese size and Classic standard size line.

Mint Classic brings the fan-favorite color to our original, Classic line of glossy-backed sleeves, whereas it was previously only available with matte-textured backs.

Crimson Matte is the 20th addition to the much sought-after line of Dragon Shield Matte.

Mint Classic is the 18th addition to the original line of standard Dragon Shield sleeves.

The boxes feature José Muñoz’s incredible artwork for the Crimson Matte dragon, “Logi, Royal Knight” and Antonio Manzanedo’s Mint Classic artwork of “Cor, the Hungry Heart.”

Meet the Crimson Matte and Mint Classic Dragons:

Logi, Royal Knight — Logi fights with the Guardian Spirits, an ancient warrior race of dragons. Benevolent warriors, the Guardians partner with humans and reincarnate throughout history to fend off the most heinous of foes.

Cor, the Hungry Heart — Like all natural born mint dragons, Cor requires a constant supply of energy from living things to keep him alive. It didn’t take long before Cor absorbed the energy of his birthplace and moved on to the neighboring farms and villages.

Both dragon artworks will be available as limited playmats later this fall!

Standard-size sleeves measure 63×88 mm’s (2½”x3½”) and are perfect for regular-sized trading card games, like Magic: the Gathering.

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