Product review: The New Line of Matte 60

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My name is Steffen Eriksen, and today I am bringing you a review of a new product line from Dragon Shield. I must admit that I am very excited to get the chance to make this review for all of you, as I always like when Dragon Shield brings out new products. In the last couple of months, we have seen Dragon Shield expand on their Dragon Shield Matte line, giving us all we could think of.

The product line I am going to review for you today is also somewhat an expansion to the already existing Dragon Shield Matte line. However, instead of new colors, we are presented with a new package size, and more interestingly, new artwork.

For those of you who have used Dragon Shields in the past, one of the things that characterizes them is that the pack comes with 100 sleeves per pack. This is very good and not so good at the same time. It is good because you will most certainly always get enough sleeves in one pack to sleeve your entire deck, as deck sizes varies from 40-60 in most trading card games. It is bad for the same reason. If you only need 60 sleeves, you are left with 40 extra sleeves, which can be quite excessive. Often you only need a couple of extra sleeves due to the high durability of Dragon Shields. This problem can, however, be partially solved by buying two packs, as you can sleeve 3 decks, and still have 20 extra sleeves. Yet it doesn’t give you the opportunity to play multiple colors, which a lot of players like, not to mention the extra cost.

This is where the new product comes in. The newest product has everything you love about Dragon Shield, but comes in a pack of 60 sleeves! With a pack of 60 sleeves, you will no longer have the issue described above, as you are not ‘wasting’ sleeves. It costs less, too. With that said, the most notable feature of the new product line is the artwork. While still holding on to their dragon theme, they now make them more appealing to a younger audience and players who are fans of the anime style. Additionally, stories on the back of the box open up the world and let us know more about the dragons.

One important note: the box says it includes 60 sleeves, but in reality each box includes 62 sleeves. This is especially important for Pokémon players to know. If a couple of sleeves break during a tournament, Dragon Shield has made sure you have at least two extra lying around!

To sum up, we have the following pros and cons for the new product line:


  • 60-card packs: Added flexibility, less cost
  • New artwork: Appeals to a different audience while maintaining the traditional style


  • Stated that there are 60, but there in fact 62

I hope you all enjoyed the review, and like me, are looking forward to the release of this new product line!

Until next time!

Steffen Eriksen,

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Product review: The New Line of Matte 60

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