Classic 100 Gets New Design and Artwork

New dragon artwork takes flight, replacing original box art. The new design will be rolled out in gaming shops all over the world through an ongoing period of time.

As many may have noticed, our Dragon Shield Classic 100 line of standard-sized sleeves has gotten an artistic redesign! Millions of customers the world over have become familiar with the original dragons that adorned our boxes, and while they will always hold a special place in the Dragon Shield universe, we are retiring the original artwork.

In their place, we have commissioned beautiful new pieces that reflect a more contemporary style. These new dragons come to life on the box, each with its own energy, movement, style, and vibrancy. Every box of Dragon Shield moving forward will also include a short piece of lore starring the dragon on the front of the box. We have plans to expand on this lore in the future, so stay tuned.

The most important item to take away is that the product is exactly the same. Customers will still receive 100 sleeves per box in the exact same world-class quality Dragon Shield is known for. The only difference is that weโ€™re welcoming a brood of new dragons to the fold.

And you know what they say โ€” the more dragons the scarier ๐Ÿ˜‰

See all new Classic 100 designs here

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